“Among My Favorite Things….Poetry”

Poetry is the offspring of thoughts, often unbidden, but persistently pushing their way forward for attention.

Poetry presents opportunities for heart-felt disclosures of emotions; of new and deeper insights into the crucial issues of life and death.

Poetry may be intimate expressions of one’s own self-discovery or a means of protectively hiding one’s self by means of sheltering words.

Poetry is treasured moments of joy and delight, of triumphs and of sorrow’s anguish, grief and loss.

Poetry is “a rainbow of radiance” which draws from the heart and soul the need to assess, to confess, to count one’s blessings, to weep with thanksgiving and to praise the God of all comfort and the Father of all compassion for His daily grace and mercies through Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord.

Poetry yields fruit from our yesterdays to the aftermath of today’s maturity.